And Thereby Hangs An Election

53 per cent oppose Benazir’s deal with Musharrafbenazir_main_20071105.jpg (14557 bytes)

Mutilated bodies, maimed children, weeping mothers…. It took one suicide bomber to forever stain the memory of Benazir Bhutto’s homecoming—and punctuate Pakistan’s tragic progress to democracy. The Daughter came back East, but the collateral damage was too high. Honour vies with shame and compromise: Musharraf lets Benazir in, but who does democracy strike a deal with to return to Pakistan? Will the jehadi elements in the Establishment—ever wary of the US—allow that? Who is conspirator, who the victim?

Who among the following is best suited to be the leader of Pakistan?
Karachi Lahore Rawalpindi/
Benazir Bhutto 28 25 23
Nawaz Sharif 9 49 32
Pervez Musharraf 31 7 14
Imran Khan 6 9 13
Qazi Hussain 5 1 5
Fazlur Rehman 3 2 2
Others/DK 18 7 11
We haven’t projected a national picture based on the above findings because it can be statistically misleading. The average might be higher for Sharif, but support for Benazir is even.

Which alliance would you vote for if there is an election tomorrow?
Benazir-led alliance 38 26 28
Nawaz-led alliance 14 57 37
Neither 32 9 25
Will not vote 14 7 7
Sharif’s sway over Punjab is important. This province accounts for 148 seats in the National Assembly as against Sindh’s 61.

Do you support the Benazir-Pervez Musharraf deal?
Yes 35
No 53
DK/CS 12

Do you think the assassination attempt on Benazir will improve her political fortunes?
Yes 41
No 58

Do you support Benazir’s suggestion that foreign assistance be taken for the investigation of the Karachi bombings?
Yes 61
No 17
DK/CS 22

Which of these options should Musharraf go for?
Retire from both offices 50
Resign as army chief but remain president 35
Continue as president as well as army chief 14
Don’t know/No response 1

Which of the following two is more important for Pakistan at this time?
Restoration of democracy 69
Crackdown on militants 30
Don’t know/No response 1

What do you think is the best means or scenario to curb militancy?
Democracy 52
Army working under an elected civilian government 17
Army and civilian government working as equal partners 10
Army rule 10
Curbing militancy is not a big issue 11

Is Pakistan moving in the right or the wrong direction?
Right 82
Wrong 8
DK/CS 10

Do you think the government was right or wrong in not allowing Nawaz Sharif to return home?
Wrong 58
Right 26
DK/CS 16

Do you agree with the allegation that Benazir and her husband have a trail of corruption—properties and money—in foreign countries?
Yes 57
No 20
DK/CS 23

Benazir says she would not engage in political dialogue with religious parties. Is this approach right or wrong?
Wrong 50
Right 24
DK/CS 26

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