Can Anyone See the General’s Missing Clothes

By Dr. Maqbool Halepota, MD
Special to the South Asia Tribune

ARIZONA, USA, September 29(2005): The current fiasco between General Musharraf and the Washington Post reminds me of the story we used to read as children. In this famous children’s fairy tale a king parades the town naked, but no one has the courage to tell him the truth, because they have all been fooled into thinking that only the wise can see the special fabric the king is wearing, that is until a child points out the obvious.

Similarly our self appointed and army backed king has now been caught lying through his nose but no one wants to point out the simple fact that he is a liar because the whole world has been fooled into thinking that he is truly an honest man, but due to the circumstances, only the wisest among us can some how see his honesty and wisdom. Despite the fact that this man in his six year tenure has taken more U-turns, than all his predecessors put together in the entire history of the country.

The fact of the matter is that Musharaf’s very survival is based on nothing else but fabrications and contradictions. For instance:

• Although he never takes his uniform off at home, he has never been seen in it abroad.

• On the one hand he is the champion of enlightened moderation, while at the same time he is constantly in bed with right wing extremists.

• He constantly talks of transparency and good governance while making a career of openly buying loyalties of corrupt politicians, and appointing proclaimed murderers as governors of provinces, and convicted criminals as ministers in his cabinet.

• He presents himself as the ultimate Patriot for whom Pakistan comes before anything else; at the same time he is the patron in chief of the most fascist ethnic organization in the history of Pakistan, whose leader has been openly questioning the very basis for the creation of the country.

• He portrays himself as the most courageous soldier while backtracking and cowing in any time he is called to show any guts.

• He preaches the importance of having only literate people in the assemblies and government while personally picking individuals with fraudulent degrees to be ministers.

Although he claims never to lie, but he probably holds the record for being caught lying on tape, starting from his infamous promise to the whole nation and the world about taking off his uniform to his latest derogatory remarks about his own daughters, sisters and mothers, i.e. the women of Pakistan.

But the more important issue at hand is his state of mind. I am sure he fully realizes that these days the interviews of all heads of states, legitimate or illegitimate, are fully recorded for obvious reasons. Thus what was he thinking when he denied making the above statement. Either he must have been totally out of his mind or actually had no re-collection of his own interview. That is a distinct possibility when one considers the fact that the alcoholic beverages he is served abroad are probably unadulterated, and thus much more potent than the one’s he consumes at home.

Which explains all his off the cuff remarks, from his famous brag about Kashmir during his Agra Yatra, with which he single handedly doomed the entire summit, till his latest show of useless verbosity, which has completely marred our image in front of the whole world? Who can now stop others from calling us names, when our own, self declared savior is accusing our women of wanting to sell sex for visas abroad.

A brief review of the history of the great general will show that he is most prone to these bouts of verbal diarrhea when he is abroad and probably has a serum alcohol level well above legal intoxication. Thus one does not have to be a genius to know that the general is not only a cheap date, but also a pathologic liar.

But the million dollar questions that need to be answered are:

• Is he fit to represent our country at any level?

• What kind of future can we expect for the country under his dictatorship?

The writer is a Pakistani Oncologist currently working in Arizona, USA

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