The War of Underworld Dons Sucks in Indian, Pakistani Agencies

Chota Rajan (L) and Dawood Ibrahim (R): When they were friends

By Arun Rajnath

NEW DELHI, September 22(2005): The split between the mythical and mystical underworld dons of India – Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan – has turned into a war between the super intelligence agencies of India and Pakistan.

The Indian sensitive agencies and military intelligence have failed so far to achieve their goal of eliminating Dawood Ibrahim, despite their successful penetration into the D-Company. Likewise Chota Rajan, once the second in command of Dawood, is being protected by the Indian agencies.

But observers watching the underworld scene say Chota Rajan is fast losing ground as it has become difficult for him to lie low in Muslim countries. One highly placed source told the South Asia Tribune Rajan is in constant touch with the underworld of Japan.

Recently, he said, a meeting of the underworld dons was held in Tokyo directly under the nose of the Japanese police. The dons elected their new chief who allegedly has links with Rajan. Therefore, intelligence experts say Rajan could shift base from Malaysia to Japan for a safe hideout. Had he not been under protection of the Indian sensitive agencies, the Dawood hounds would have eliminated him by now.

In fact, the whole issue has become a Hindu-Muslim showdown. In Muslim countries Chota Rajan cannot develop his base but Dawood has an advantage there.

In Europe and America, the mafias do not allow other dons to operate. Sources say Rajan had tried to operate in countries which formed the unbroken Soviet Union, but the KGB could not brook such elements.

After the Soviet Union, the KGB had also become defunct and KGB bosses and agents entered into other businesses or the underworld. Now they have 100 per cent access to all business centers of the former Soviet Union and without their permission, no foreign businessman can operate in any of these countries.

Secondly, Dawood still has influence in the Mumbai underworld and many responsible persons are on his payroll including sharpshooters of the Mumbai police. This has become the matter of investigation as many of those shot for being members of the Dawood gang actually belonged to the Chota Rajan gang.

While Mumbai police is hunting the Rajan gangs, the Indian sensitive agencies support Rajan, though discreetly. These agencies are constantly protecting him from Dawood’s sharpshooters as well as the Mumbai police.

This is evident by the fact that Rajan’s right hand man Babloo Srivastava is also being ‘used’ by sensitive agencies whenever his services are needed. At present Babloo is in the Lucknow jail but he is enjoying the full ‘five-star facilities’ inside, courtesy the security agencies. He still manages his kidnapping business with Rajan’s help.

Babloo operates through Fazalu after they first met in 1995 in Tihar Jail, New Delhi, when he was there on charges of extortion. Since then Fazalu has been operating on Babloo’s instructions. Their association came into open in 1996 when Fazalu kidnapped one of the owners of Hyatt Regency Hotel, Umesh Shroff in New Delhi.

In 1997, Fazalu escaped to Nepal when his attempt to kidnap a businessman in Mumbai failed. His girlfriend Archana Sharma divulged all the secrets about how they were involved in various kidnappings and extortions on the instructions of Babloo Srivastava who operated from jail with Chota Rajan’s help.

Sources told the South Asia Tribune that Fazalu usually intimidates his ‘target’ in the name of Chota Rajan from satellite phone which is untraceable in India. Indian agencies do not possess instruments and equipment to trace a call from a satellite phone. They can trace the details of calls made by the GSM or CDMA mobile phones only.

Babloo Srivastava was first allegedly used by Indian sensitive agencies in the murder of Mirza Dilshad Beg who was a Dawood-ISI front man in Nepal. Sources say that Babloo’s henchmen Ravi and Vikki had killed Beg, an MP in the Nepalese Parliament, on June 29, 1995 when two ‘unknown’ assailants fired at him.

Initially, Babloo was very close to Beg, and Beg even had managed a fake passport for him to go abroad to avoid arrest by the Indians. But after the 1992 Bombay Bomb Blast, ‘patriotism’ and ‘nationalism’ prevailed, and Babloo and Chota Rajan parted ways from Dawood and his gang.

Babloo Srivastava’s former aide BP Singh told the South Asia Tribune from Lucknow that “Babloo was initially with Dawood. He was also very close to Mirza Dilshad Beg. In fact they used to meet at the Karnali Hotel in Kathmandu that was also the base of the ISI. Babloo once mentioned to me that a Pakistani filmmaker was also involved in this hotel business.”

“I vividly remember that some Pakistani diplomats used to visit that hotel. I remember seeing them once in that hotel. Actually a couple, Raja Irfanullah and Zahida Awan, owned that hotel. It was the center of dubious activities,” BP Singh said.

It is noteworthy that BP Singh is also close to a former Janata Dal Member of Parliament from an eastern district of Uttar Pradesh.

Babloo Srivastava initially had offered help in Dawood’s case to get some facilities in jail. Sources say that he is living a five-star life in Lucknow jail. He also contested the 2002 Legislative Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and May 2004 Parliament elections, but lost.

Ironically this king kidnapper has turned into a writer and one of his books, written in Hindi, is entitled, ‘Apharan Se Kaise Bachen’ (How to Protect Ourselves From Kidnappers). Sources say he is also writing a book on Dawood Ibrahim and his modus operandi.

These sources told the South Asia Tribune Babloo Srivastava is providing information about Dawood to the sensitive agencies who used this info during the Secretary level talks between India and Pakistan. In fact, this is all being done at the instance of Indian sensitive agencies to put pressure on Pakistan to hand over Dawood to India or abandon him to be killed by the goons of Chota Rajan-Babloo Srivastava.

This is also evident from the Most Wanted list of the Interpol in which Chota Rajan’s name is ‘missing’ though other petty offenders are there against whom Red Corner Notices have been issued.

It is also noteworthy that the agencies have neither issued Red Corner notice against Chota Rajan nor included his name in the ‘Most Wanted’ list. The names which do appear on the Red Corner List include Amanullah Khan, Dawood Ibrahim, Memon Ayub, Prabhakaran, Merchant Tahir, Sheikh Shakil, Al Bashar Muhammed Amin, Wassan Singh, Hitesh Kalita, Roop Chand Pardesi, Khatri Riyaz, Esmail Haji Ahmed Ebrahim, Sayeed Arif, Chandrashekhar Reddy, Muhammed Ahmed Dosa, Ramesh Perumal, Paramjeet Singh Mallih and Jumani Samira (woman offender).

Intelligence experts say that Dawood would be eliminated by the ISI itself whenever he becomes irrelevant. The US has already declared him as a Global terrorist for his alleged links with Al-Qaeda. International pressure is gradually mounting on Pakistan on this issue.

Sources say that the ISI has already started nurturing another group. Under this strategy the group of Anwar (Chota Shakeel’s brother), Syed Muzaffar, and Yusuf Ghodrawala is being raised to substitute the D-Company. It is said that Anwar is in Pakistan while the two others have made their base in Thailand.

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